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Practical Ideas from a Pro Remodeler!

A Few Ways For Achieving Affordable Renovations

Decorate your doors – change the hinges, old knobs, and cabinets with finished metal pulls. It is a very affordable way to switch up the style and is also very noticeable by your guests and visitors. Instead of that old wooden painted knob, their eyes will instantly be attracted by the metal! Consult with your remodeler for possible options.

Mold your environment – molding on ceilings, walls, windows, and doors brings more dimension into the rooms, which makes for a bigger and more lavish look. Your windows will look great with casing molding and your ceiling will have a sophisticated new look with crown molding. This will take you around $200-300 per room depending on how far you’re willing to go, but it will be a major change in the environment!

Refresh your tiles – in the bathroom, your renovations can easily go up to 5 digit numbers in cost, but a method such as re-grouting your tiles is much more faster and easier. With a fresh new color added after you scrape out the old grout, you will breathe life into the tired décor!

Single out a wall – choose one wall to re-paint with a new color and you will really make it pop, especially if you pick the one that is most exposed to people’s eyes. It’s pretty much like putting a giant mural on your wall – your eyes will be immediately attracted by it!

Lighten up your place – while something as simple as changing the light fixtures may sound easy, it actually adds elegance in a very affordable way, a professional remodeler advises.

Working with our remodeler will give you the opportunity to shape your entire property in exactly what you have been dreaming of. Do not hesitate to give Burress Construction a call at (620) 249-0598 and learn more about our home remodeling services in Pittsburg, KS!